Court News

Dear Fellow Members of the Bar:

As you are probably aware, the Spartanburg County Council has voted to place on the ballot on November 7, 2017, the issue of adopting a one cent sales tax for the purpose of funding a new Courthouse/Judicial Center, a joint City-County Office building and a building to house the Municipal Court and City Police Dept.

Your Bar’s Executive Committee wants to see if there is any interest in scheduling a presentation by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Allen Smith, and the County Administrator, Katherine O’Neill, outlining the details of the plans for the new buildings as well as their funding.

We feel it is very important for the members of the Bar to be educated on these issues and look forward to your response so we can gauge the interest in scheduling this presentation.  Any presentation would be scheduled in October.

If you are interested in attending such a presentation, please reply to Roxanne Reynolds at

Thank you
Stanley T. Case, President
Wesley A Stoddard, Vice President
Spartanburg County Bar